Bigtreetech TFT24 screen in Azteeg x3 pro

I have a Bigtreetech TFT24 screen( with the typical connectors exp1 and exp2 of the screens) that I want to connect to my Azteeg x3 pro board.
How should I proceed to change the pin assignment of the board?
Do you
I think I should manipulate the uiconfig.h file.
Thank you a lot.


  • As far as I understood that display uses gcode to communicate with the firmware, so you need a second serial (bluetooth serial named in config also you can use it for anything) to connect the communication. Inside firmware you do not activate any display at all. It is all pre programmed in the display processor. At least if it is the same as MKS TFT system.
  • Hi. Thank you very much for answering.
    It has both modes and one of them is the one you comment. But I would like to be able to use the mode that accesses the firmware menus.

    Thank you.
  • Is there a documentation about this? Don't have or know that display. I just know there is no direct support from our firmware side since that never seemed required the way I understand how it works. Never saw the option for firmware menus and how this is supposed to work.
  • This is the screen. Showing the two modes of operation.

    Thank you very much for your attention.
  • Looks like they implement menu mode by just faking a ST7920 chip with connections. So for that mode you would just select the reprapdiscount graphic display which uses that chip and connectors and connect it. If it does not work check if DisplayList contains that display for that motherboard as well.
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