Best way to handle two distorsion maps


I'm using Repetier firmware 1.03 and server 0.93.1
at my self made XY Core Printer with a fixed PEI print bed, which works well except for TPU.
TPU parts can hardly be released from the the PEI surface.
So I use a mirror plate with PET foil, which is good for TPU, and put it onto the existing bed.

But now I have to handle two different distorsion maps.
After changing the bed I only want to measure bed rotation (using BLTouch, Command G32)

My question to you is:
what's the best way to handle the two distorsion maps?

My solution would be to ...
Creating two Server Script sending 49 times (7x7 matrix) G33 X..Y..Z.. for each bed type
or even put this into the start gcode

If there is a better solution I would appreciate your advice.

Thanks in advance!


  • That is the best solution. G33 L0 therefore reports in exactly the required format so you can simply copy/paste it.
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