Repetier firmware on Tronxy X5SA-400

I am kind of new to 3d printing and not a 100% sure on basically anything yet but I have been trying to use Simplify3D for almost a month, creating my own printer profiles but also getting someone else´s from the net, however, never seemed to get it working. That is why I changed to repetier host and now suddenly, all my prints are almost perfect. So I am very happy with it now, but since my Tronxy X5SA has been very well locked, so I could not find a way to calibrate my extruder for example. This is quite a problem since it pushes almost 13mm instead of 10mm. Unfortunatelly,the EEPROM configuration is greyed out when the printer is connected so I cannot configure it with the repetier host. That is the main reason why I am thinking about reflashing the repetier firmware to it but I would like to ask beforehand if you consider it possible and worth changing from the OEM. Would all my auto leveling still wok after that? Since that part is extremely nice on this printer.
Thanks for any help!


  • If extrusion amount is the only problem there is a more simple way. Slicers have a extrusion multiplier to adjust extrusion length. So if you have 13m extrusion per 10mm send your multiplier is 10/13 = 0.77 or 77% depending on format used to enter. Setting flow multiplier in host to 77% does also the same, but since it always starts with 100% I'd choose to adjust it in filament profile instead.
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