Random Prints

This issue started after relocating my 3D printer. there are two main issues <span>:smile:</span>
  1. Repetier Host stops responding abruptly and displays "5 commands pending".
  2. The part that is being printed does not match with the design. I wanted to print a housing for a sensor, the slicing is perfect but, the printing is printing some random triangle at a corner of build plate.
I am fairly inexperienced in this field. Kindly guide me through this problem and suggest suitable solutions. 


  • 1. Happens if a command is blocking like wait temperature to be reached at print start or if the communication between windows and printer is not working any more. In latter case - what did you change a sit worked before? Different usb port or usb cable? Sometimes small changes can make the electronic parts crash and cause such problems.

    2. Host prints what you see in preview tab. That are the commands that get send. Could it be that your sliced object is at a position not reachable and what you see are the parts where it comes in reach? Most beds start at 0,0 and got until 2xx, 2xx but if you sliced it around 0,0 only one quarter becomes visible. Other printers have 0,0 in the center of bed.
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