Problem in controlling 3D printer via smart display controller

I am using 12864 LCD with full graphic Smart display Controller for controlling the printer without laptop. 

How do I Change the sensitivity of the potentiometer controlling the movement of X, Y, Z axis? Currently, even in fast movement mode, it moves in a very small steps.

Any idea why, movement generated by this controller, stops in different home positions as opposed to movement generated by Repetier Host UI. do I need to define again home X, Y, Z ? where?


  • Encoder speed is defined by these options:

    /* Normally cou want a next/previous actions with every click of your encoder.
    Unfortunately, the encoder have a different count of phase changes between clicks.
    Select an encoder speed from 0 = fastest to 2 = slowest that results in one menu move per click.
    #define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 2

    /* There are 2 ways to change positions. You can move by increments of 1/0.1 mm resulting in more menu entries
    and requiring many turns on your encode. The alternative is to enable speed dependent positioning. It will change
    the move distance depending on the speed you turn the encoder. That way you can move very fast and very slow in the
    same setting.

    /** If set to 1 faster turning the wheel makes larger jumps. Helps for faster navigation. */
    #define UI_DYNAMIC_ENCODER_SPEED 1          // enable dynamic rotary encoder speed

    change UI_ENCODER_SPEED only if you need multiple clicks in menus or if it skips entries per click.

    Homing with display and host call both same homing function and should behave identical. If you mean more limits of movement - host has set dimensions in it's local printer config which are used to limit moves while firmware uses compiled limits. Adjust host dimensions in that case.
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