Repetier firmware driver timings

hi, so, it happens that i have an SKR 1.3 which unfortunately is not supported by repetier :( so i had to resort to marlin or reprapfirmware.

what i noticed however, is that going from repetier (ramps) to skr(marlin) the drivers are producing nasty vibrations that do not happen with repetier. iirc, i had experienced the same when i tried marlin on my other machine (ruramps+due) and immediately switched back to repetier.

my drivers are lv8729 btw. so i see that in marlin and reprapfirmware there is a way to change some timings parameters for the drivers, how can i know what kind of timings repetier uses so i can try to make stuff work the way it's supposed to?


  • Repetier-Firmware can add extra delays to extend step/direction times (default 0 defined in configuration.h). But if marlin does the correct number of steps I do not think that this would be the reason. Apart from this we do cpu cycle precise timing computations also that precision is not not that relevant. us precise should be good enough. Important is to not miss steps. Can't say how marlin does this exactly. In theory it should be very similar.
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