dual x axis

Hi all , 
i would like to implement my second extruder to an indipendent x axis. 
i've seen that it is possible to configure in repetier firmware config tool "dual x axis" and link it to the Extruder E2 . 
but how i must (where ) configure the pin for step, dir and enable , and how to set up the rest . 
there is a guide ?? 


  • No guide. Just select E2 as extruder for second X axis in config tool. Nothing more to do there.

    Important fact is use dev version to have all fixes and the extruder x offsets are from the virtual 0 position over bed and bust be such that second extruder does not hit left extruder at x=0. That is the only important difference here.
  • I assume you are using aboard with 6 motor drivers so E2 pins are predefined. Otherwise you need to set the pin numbers for E2_PINS ORIG_E2_STEP_PIN, ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN, ORIG_E2_ENABLE_PIN your self at the start of the configuration file.
  • Ok that is what I mean. Ramps 1.4
    I have made an expansion board .
  • Simplest way if just putting these at start of configuration.h right after including pins.h so your values get used.
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