Cannot run auto leveling then distortion correction

So what’s happening is if I run auto leveling it measures as planned and inserts z height as 284.387, then if I try and run distortion correction it give error of unreachable cycle probing of 4.00056, 5.0458 or something like that. Can’t remember the exact error wording.
Also if I try to run auto leveling a second time it gives the same error message unless I change zheight back to the original 290 before I ran auto leveling the first time.


  • Distortion correction has it's own set of coordinates compiled it. These must be reachable with activated probe. Sounds like that does not fit with given coordinates. Also use a start point where you can activate z probe without moving into invalid positions.
  • So I didn’t realize that there were different probe points for distortion correction so I changed those and still have the same issue. I changed move back on home on x and y from 5 to 2 and the error dropped the location from xy coordinates 4.999, 5.000 to 1.999 and 2. If that helps. My probe point for leveling are x 30 and y 35. I can send my eeprom later when I get home from work.
  • 1.999 or 2.000 does not differ. That look sjust like rounding errors from step to real conversion and can be ignored.
    Test point 30 / 35 means offset must be <= 30 / 35 if extruder 0 has offset 0 / 0. Note that some offsets are in steps not mm.
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