Second Heater Error - Not Heating Up


I have been having an issue with Repetier Firmware heating the second hotend on my printer. I am getting temperature feedback for both of them. Only the first hotend (T0) will work just fine (with fans activating and everything). When I try to turn on the other hotend (T1), the temperature does not go up at all and no fans turn on. 

When switch hotend positions in the firmware (So swap what hotend is T1 and T0), the other hotend performs perfectly fine, heating up fine with the fans turning on. This tells me that everything on the hardware side is perfectly fine.  

Basically I can only get whatever hotend that is T0 to work no matter what hotend it is selecting and I can't seem to find others with the same issue. I believe it should be something simple that I am missing but I cannot seem to find out what it is. 

Electronics: Ramps 1.4 using D10 and D9 for heat and Repetier Firmware 1.0.3.



  • You have also defined a fan for D9 (ORIG_FAN_PIN for radds shows on D9) and that one is disabling pin D9 set from heater. Make sure that printer uses a different pin from your fan extender which I assume you use.
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