Ramps-fd with reprap discount graphic lcd

I have been working on setting up my ramps-fd with repetier firmware. I have everything working except for the screen. My setup is a arduino due with ramps-fd, i am using the Geeetech lcd panel adapter for ramps-fd and a reprap discount full graphic lcd. I have set the feature controller to 11 in the firmware and get nothing on the screen, the back light doesn't even come on. I know the screen works, I had it turn on while i was trying to compile marlin on my setup.
If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it.



  • There is no pin mapping for ramps-fd in controller 11. Check ui.h and add there a copy for your motherboard with your pin numbers and it will work. If it works, file me a copy so I can add it permanently. Have no test platform here. 
  • I have also tried a g3d screen which is in ui.h and modified one of the motherboards that was close to mine but with no results, has anyone ever actually got a screen running on the ramps fd board?
  • No, there is no predefined screen for ramsp-fd. For each display you need to tweak the pins or use manual definition.
  • Turns out the company who made my screen installed the ribon conectors upside down, the firmware work without any modifications needed.
    Thanks for the help.
  • campbell24 what kind of printer are you uaing? i have not been able to get my board working? where didnyounget yours? any tips on getting started are appreciated
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