Bed Down after print finishes.

edited January 2020 in Extruder & Bed
XYZ Da Vinci 2.0A Duo with Repetier FW
Win 10 64 bit
Have not been able to connect to host and new to Repetier (API error message) (other printer is Prusa Mk3s) so besides toying with Arduino SBC's the learning continues.
Trying to "Find" Ctrl-F:  Maintenance, Bed Down to lower bed after print finishes and nothing jumps out at me.
I keep a back-up of the configured repetier.ino so no fear of any disaster.


  • There is no such open/function in firmware. That is the wrong place. The correct place is the end script of your slicer. There you tell slicer what you want at the end of the script. in your case
    G1 Z200 F2400

    with Z value being your z target height you want. You can do same for xy position as well making it easier to remove object in that position.
  • Thank you, think I'm headed in the right direction now.
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