MKS Base V1.4 with MKS TFT 2.4

Hi, I've been trying to get my printer to work with an MKS Base 1.4 and an MKS TFT 2.4 inch. It all turns on, but no commands go through, and the temperature says nothing. I've configured the Repetier firmware and selected a 'smartcontroller from RepRapdiscount on Ramps or Rumba Board', and the TFT is running version 3.03. What do I do to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • Please use the dev version to get 2 serial connections as needed in that case. Not sure if 1.0.3 works correctly with 2 serials. Firmware does not need a display setting. I assume here that this is one of the MKS displays that connect using a serial instead of being controlled by firmware like the reprapdiscount controller.

  • So, I changed the repetier firmware to 1.0.4dev and set the the display setting to no display, sadly but no change :( Any chance that the MKS Base V1.4 simply does not work with MKS TFT because i've read it doesnt operate with a ramps 1.4 board, but it's often sold in a package with an MKS V1.6 to indicate the 2 work together.
  • Check on installation guide. If I'm right you need to connect 2 serial pins that you have defined as second serial port setting BLUETOOTH_SERIAL to the correct serial for the pins. I have no such display so can not say much about it.
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