Need help configuring firmware for CO2 laser

I have Mega 256 Ramps 1.4 reprapdiscount full graphic smart controller 12864.
The temperature sensor and the fluid duct like this
I need to configure the firmware so that the PDM of the laser power supply is connected to pin D10 rams, to the pin D5 low level to turn on the power supply, with M3 S 255 max level and S0 min level.
To pin T1, the temperature sensor in the cooler. To the T2 pin (or Z min) the water flow sensor.
To pin D9 relay (turn on / off) to turn on the gas blowing. To pin D8 of the cooler enable relay. To pin D6 of the pump enable relay, for pumping fluid through the laser tube.
Who can help? Is this just possible?
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