Slowing down when Endstop probing

Hi i have little question, i like to know is included in program this kind of function: slowing down homing BEFORE actually engine touch the endstop first time? I know is function to set distance and speed of second (precise) probe. But dont see any code to set slowing down before touch the extruder. my bed and extr. hit soo hard to endstops. i dont want to slow down homing speed, onlu last few milimeters. Thanks for any sugestions :)


  • If we knew where the end stop is that might be possible, but homing is used to determine that position. So no, only way to reduce it is reducing homing speed.
  • Ok, but if we end our prints without loosing steps, program can calculate last position of endstop. When i power of my printer it also can be remembered where was the last position of x y z. Can it be programable? It is option to write code to calculate this?
  • Apart from the fact that you could move heads around when powered off we do not see when powered off. Without power we can not store position and updating it every time ruins eeprom. So already from first reason there is no guarantee even if we solve the other problem.
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