checksum error mismatch

hello everyone I m pier luigi, for some time I have had an anycubic i3 mega, when I print materials 
other than the pla it gives me the error T0 Abnormal Sensor and crashes. 
I made a PID with repetier host and this error comes out.
what can it be ?
thanks in advance

12:48:46.691: PID Autotune start12:52:40.091:  bias: 89 d: 89 min: 235.94 max: 245.00 Ku: 25.01 Tu: 34.8012:52:40.091:  Classic PID 12:53:16.836:  bias: 88 d: 88 min: 235.00 max: 245.21 Ku: 21.95 Tu: 36.5712:53:16.836:  Classic PID 12:53:52.791:  bias: 88 d: 88 min: 235.00 max: 245.00 Ku: 22.41 Tu: 35.7812:53:52.791:  Classic PID 12:54:27.165:  bias: 88 d: 88 min: 235.39 max: 245.00 Ku: 23.32 Tu: 34.2112:54:27.165:  Classic PID 12:55:00.154:  bias: 87 d: 87 min: 236.25 max: 245.00 Ku: 25.32 Tu: 32.8312:55:00.154:  Classic PID 12:55:34.728:  bias: 87 d: 87 min: 235.39 max: 245.00 Ku: 23.05 Tu: 34.4112:55:34.728:  Classic PID 12:55:34.735: PID Autotune finished! Put the last Kp, Ki and Kd constants from below into Configuration.h12:55:34.735: #define  DEFAULT_Kp 13.8312:55:34.735: #define  DEFAULT_Ki 0.8012:55:34.735: #define  DEFAULT_Kd 59.4912:55:34.752: Error:checksum mismatch, Last Line: 20012:55:34.752: Resend: 201    


  • If the error does not repeat you can ignore it. It is just a fixed communication error.

    The sensor error comes from anycubic firmware which is a marlin firmware. It is independent from any communication errors. I guess it got illegal temperatures when it happened, but I'm not a marlin expert. Best would be to google the exact message and see what others found out about it. Might be a defect sensor or nearly broken wire. But maybe also just a bad reading due to some noise.
  • Ok, thanks for your help

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