No access to the "eeprom firmware configuration" menu

I was worried about returning data from my Anet A8M printer and I think that by handling my printer, I reset the eeprom.
In any case I no longer have access to the "eeprom firmware configuration" menu of Repetier host vV2.1.6.
I had imported this file and since I no longer have access to it, I can no longer export it again.
I can connect to the Anet printer, but I have no feedback.
I can still print using the SD card.
What do you recommend that I do??? Thank you for explaining to me what I did not understand and where my concern comes from.


  • eeprom is only visible if host detects firmware supporting it. Means marlin derivative or repetier-firmware.
    What does M115 return? I know they had modified it to contain not marlin in the past and I adjusted detection but maybe they changed it again so we do not detect it as compatible.

    In repetier-server you define firmware by selection so this detection is not needed. In next host release that is also selectable (in current release the selector is not selectable).
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