Serial com error:System.IO.Ports.SerialErrorReceivedEventArgs

ok my research on this tells me it comes from windows... umm great thats about as helpful as telling me someones is from China so i should be easily able to locate them! There are about 500 variables involved there im just trying to find a way to limit those to the point i can figure out whats going on. 

The error seems random and doesnt always end the print i just cant figure out what the cause is.

So really anyone know what the common causes are here ?
1. USB Cable bad
2. Comm port Driver
3. Software trying to access that com port
etc etc ?


  • If an other software is connected to serial you can not connect. Did you maybe also install Repetier-Server and configured it already to connect? See
    In that case do not use serial connector but Repetier-Server connector in host to print using the server (preferred solution).
  • Ill try that although this is really weird i have used this software for like 5 years and never seen this before.. I suspect its a its likely related to a windows patch.
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