Is it possible to use 3 Z steppers and also control them to do bed leveling ?

I have setup a printer with 3 z steppers on DUE/RADDS and it works fine 
I am wondering if it would be possible to disable the 3 steppers controls temporary to use each stepper independantly to do bed leveling, then enable back the 3 z steppers control when bed leveling is done.

May be using the extra motors control feature for each Z stepper ? But may be have a conflict to assign same motor for Z and extra ?
I did not try yet as I do not want to mess up with my manual bed leveling.  so I ask the possibility first ^_^

Thank you 


  • Yes, that is supported already. It is called motorized bed leveling and requires 3 stepper drivers and a bed with 3 spindles. You define 2 motors as extra motor drivers - these then get used to move bed to same height as the other 3rd motor that only gets controlled with all 3. Main problem is to define drivers correctly with the right coordinates so corrections make sense. But then every G32 optimizes the physical bed leveling and no rotation correction is required.
  • Thank you - I was not looking properly by not using the right words
    Now I see it - Time to play ^_^
    thank you
  • If you understand german or with translater check sparkcube - they use this type of bed leveling and have firmware and even a tutorial somewhere.
  • Thank you ^_^
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