Connect to PRUSA Mini

Hi guys,

can you confirm that Repetier Server can connect to the PRUSA Mini, as it is running Marlin 2.0, or is thsi unclear?




  • We have ordered one to test, but Marlin 2 should be no problem. From what I saw it seems to still have a usb port to connect to firmware.
  • Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be fully compatible. The display on the printer does not notice when you start printing from Repetier, moreover the printer keeps pausing for a few seconds and then continues printing or fails completely.
    Maybe just wrong settings, but since it is not 100% Marlin firmware the problem could be there.

  • Since display is controlled by printer firmware it might not show everything we want - depends on implementation. But all the new stuff is why we ordered one for testing and optimizing. Maybe we need to add a new firmware type to get it running. Will see when it arrives.
  • Any progress on this one?
  • We are waiting for the printer. Contacted prusa last week and they promised to speed up delivery, so hope it comes soon for testing. If you can provide a full log around a problem you experience we might be able to help earlier.
  • Ok, guys, we now have a prusa mini thank to Prusa customer service they send it earlier. I'm currently on my second test print but no problems so far. Only problem was a crash of display it self which seems due to having the web page of printer open. In 4.0.3 they therefore removed ethernet connection completely. 

    Naturally there is no extra info on the display - that is controlled by the firmware and has no status line any more. There is also no progress info when printing over usb. That is a decision of prusa/marlin so nothing we can do about that. But the important fact is that it is printing without any problems from server connected to usb.

    If you experience any problems I did not see so far, please provide a log around the problem time and describe what happened.
  • Hey, if I read it above correct the mini should work with repetier?

    My setup: Rasperry Pi 4, with Repetier Server Pro 0.93.1 , Prusa mini with FW 4.1.0 final.

    The printer is shown as green in repetier. But if I try to do anything (as test change the bed temp) nothing happen on the printer.

    What are the correct settings?
    Did somebody has a configuration file for me which I can try?

    Not sure what I should change that it works for me.
    Thank you for support in advantage.
  • This is a prusa mini config I had used successfully:

  • Repetier said:
    This is a prusa mini config I had used successfully:

    Thank you very much.

    First print is running :). Until now it looks good.
  • Any idea why the Mini does not come up with a possible port to select in Repetier? 
    I used a USB A to USB A Cable to connect the Mini to my PI
  • Wrong port. USB A on prusa mini is to connect a usb stick to print files on it. There is a regular usb connection for serial connection. Not sure if mini or the big variant.
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