STM32 Firmware Flash

I use rumba32 with repertier server and as mk4duo and klipper firmware (in test). I was wondering if there is a way to program the card directly from the repetier server. I for mk4duo generate a .hex file from the arduino compiler 1.8.10. Thank you very much for helping. Lorenzo


  • I'm currently working on rumba32 support for our V2 firmware so will hopefully learn how to upload. Then I can decide if that is possible or not. Also depends on license of uploaders required.
  • Hi, thank you!
    I recently discovered that stcubeprogrammer for linux, I have to try to see if it works on raspberry and it could be the solution, it would be very nice to integrate the function in your interface.
    Even recently on marlinkimbra a command (M9999) has been introduced to program the board without physically pressing the buttons on the board.
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