Windows 10 pro latest Reptier server version cant send commands to the server.

I have this printer:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
		<xySpeed max="200">100</xySpeed>
		<zSpeed max="2">2</zSpeed>
		<endstops all="true" x="true" y="true" z="true"/>
		<invert x="false" y="false" z="false"/>
		<grid color="#454545" spacing="10"/>
	<circle color="#dddddd" radius="100" x="0" y="0"/>
		<procedure>G28 X0 Y0</procedure>
		<runOnConnect>G28 X0 Y0</runOnConnect>
		<extruder changeFastDistance="20" changeSlowDistance="20" filamentDiameter="1.75" lastTemp="130" maxTemp="260" num="0" tempMaster="0">
			<maxSpeed acceleration="5000" jerk="30" max="30"/>
			<extrude speed="2"/>
			<retract speed="30"/>
			<tempChange cooldownPerSecond="0.5" heatupPerSecond="2"/>
			<offsets x="0" y="0"/>
				<temperature value="245">ABS 245</temperature>
				<temperature value="210">PLA 210</temperature>
				<temperature value="195">PLA 195</temperature>
		<heatedBed lastTemp="0" maxTemp="110" num="0">
			<tempChange cooldownPerSecond="0.1" heatupPerSecond="0.1"/>

The problem is he does not move when i send command s over the cmd:

22:31:58.468: start
22:31:58.481: N1 M110
22:31:58.481: N3 M115
22:31:58.481: N4 M220 S100
22:31:58.481: N5 M221 S100
22:31:58.481: N6 G92 E0
22:31:58.481: N7 G90
22:31:58.481: N8 M82
22:31:58.489: start
22:31:58.489: PrinterMode:FFF
22:31:58.492: N1 G21
22:31:58.492: @getip
22:31:58.508: N1 M110
22:31:58.508: N3 M115
22:31:58.508: N4 M220 S100
22:31:58.508: N5 M221 S100
22:31:58.508: N6 G92 E0
22:31:58.510: PrinterMode:FFF
22:31:58.519: N7 G90
22:31:58.519: N8 M82
22:31:58.519: N9 G21
22:31:58.519: @getip
22:31:58.540: M117 (2)
22:31:58.552: M117 3344 (2)
22:32:13.468: @getip
22:32:13.500: M117
22:32:13.518: M117 3344
22:32:27.256: N38 M114

And it just stays there for ages. I have a ESP3D for Marlin on the printer and i can controll it just fine.
Problem is the raptier.. The server reads all correctly, the temp and position.. but wont send any data. 


  • Cant edit post anymore. I have an anycubic delta printer. When the server connects to the printer it displays the IP of the server correctly and all. but after that it just stops... i see the ack commands comming from the printer when i turn of the filters. it is just not sending any commands. 
  • First I see you have selected Marlin as firmware, but log says it is running Repetier-Firmware. Communication differs a bit so better change to correct firmware in configuration.

    Log is from console I guess. You have disabled ack so I can not see firmware answers.

    I also see no move commands in the log so there will be no motion from this log. You can enable real logging to get full logs also over a longer period.
  • edited December 2019
    That is the same that bugged me. 
    I dont have any repetier printer setup. 
    Will provide a full log by 18:00 +1 gmt  not at home atm. 
    Sorry for lack of ack.. i notice it now to. G28 does not move the printer, but i see the ack message. tht is what buggs me. 
    Do you need something else that i can provide? :smile: 

  • Ok repetier-firmware sends line number N with ok so easy to see if G28 was ack'ed. If so it is a firmware config or hardware problem. 
    Also try moving after homing e.g.
    G1 X100 Y80 F6000
    and see what it returns as coordinates with M114. If it is 100/80 firmware at least thinks it has moved.
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