i3 problems

Hi everyone,

I have a Prusa i3 with "Melzi 1284P 2.0" (eBay hybrid) " as controller board, latest firmware on

my problem:

every axis work fine with  repetier work perfectly, but when I start printing, it always remains at the same height in Z ...

I tried lot of differents firmware and this is the only one who works.

I haved try in slicer change Z values in Gcode to grow up the layer heights, that fix the problem a little bit, but i do change every line of Gcode one by one to do something

if anyone has encountered this problem or has an setting idea for that, I'm interested.

thank you for your answers

Bonjour a tous,

j'ai une prusa i3 avec comme carte une "Melzi 2.0 1284P" (eBay hybrid)", dernier firmware installé avec aduino 1.0.4

voila mon problème, 

les déplacements via repetier marchent parfaitement, mais quand je lance l'impression, ça reste toujours à la même hauteur en Z...

j'ai essayé plusieurs firmware différents et c'est le seul qui fonctionne.

j'ai remarqué qu'avec slicer je pouvais modifier les valeurs en z dans le g code pour décaler les couche en hauteurs, cela règle a peu près le problème, mais je suis obliger de me taper les lignes une par une pour modifier Z

si quelqu'un a déjà rencontré ce problème, ou a une idée de quel réglage toucher pour ça, je suis preneur.

merci pour vos réponses


  • Does z never move or make sounds or only during print not going up the tiny layers? If it is the layers your acceleration or max. z feedrate might be to high. Try z acceleration 50 and max. z speed 3 mm/s. That normally works on all printers. Also make sure you can go easily up/down the whole way. If your x carriage is not horizontal you get more friction that could block your motor.

    Also check motor current if nothing has helped.
  • hello,
    Y and X work normally, but when the printing start, the Z motor stay a the same height.
    He must finish at 5-6cm from the bed; but stay at 1cm and no move more up

  • Also please check endstops (M114) if z endstop is triggered z will also not move. Would also be interesting to know if z motors get enabled, make sounds or stay powerless at all.
  • z motor works fine because i can move it with axys controls panel
  • If you can move it manually it will also work during print unless some crosstalk triggers the endstop in z move direction. To prevent this always twist endstop cables!
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