G28 only Homes Z axis

G28 only homes the z axis, doesn't even try for x and y. It is set to do x, y, then z per my firmware config. None of the endstops are tripped, and I have verified proper functionality with M119 to ensure they're High and Low as expected. It's almost like both the x and y axis are triggered by default, but they both come back with low on an M119... any thoughts as to what might be the issue here?

Cartesian (DaVinci 1.0)
Repetier 1.0.3
Azteeg x3 pro board


  • I should also add that I can jog x and y in one direction only and back to "home" (being where they started when the machine powered up) and all endstops still remain un-triggered (low). However, hitting home-all or sending a G28 only homes the Z axis.
  • Sounds like homing direction and end stop type might mismatch. 
    E.g. if you have homing to min endstop direction = -1 and only a max endstop it will not home. Otherwise if M119 shows low before homing it should move towards the homing direction.
  • You were exactly correct, changing around my endstops / directions ended up fixing this problem. Thank you!
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