Mac OS and eeprom setting

Hi folks. Newbie here.

Got my two up QU-BD machine working for awhile, and it was going fine. But all of a sudden, my x dimension is now off, printing 18mm instead of 20mm on the Y direction. The other dimensions are fine. I think it happened after a stopped print a few days ago (some sort of "brown out" error.

From research, it looks like I need to re-calibrate the y-axis. do I do that? the EEPROM setting windows in my Mac OS version is a blank screen.

I'm (was) printing with repetier v ., slic3r 1.1.6, and mac os10.7.5.  Thanks.


  • This is what the window looks like (it's not shown as connected in the photo, but it's the same when it is connected to the printer).
  • Not sur eif a brown out can change eeprom, but you never know.
    Normally eeprom starts with blank screen and sends M205 to fill it, so have a look into your log. It might be that you have not compiled eeprom support in your firmware, in which case the screen stays empty. But if you see M205 in log you should also see a bunch of data returned by firmware with all the settings if eeprom is enabled and then it should fill the eeprom window.
  • I have the same problem. How to enable the eeprom support you are talking about?
  • EEPROM is only supported for Repetier-Firmware where usage is unified. Marlin has not one eeprom command but it is about 20-30 commands. You can use Repetier-Server on mac instead. There we have implemented the eeprom modifying commands also for marlin.
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