Extruder works but doesn't...

I'm not doing a dryrun, everything is connected correctly, it extrudes when using manual control but does nothing when actually printing! The Gcode looks right to me, extruder warms up and keeps a constant temp just no extrusion during a job. I got it to work on the default printer settings but the default settings give a horrible print. When I made a new (exact same) setting for the printer, the extruder stopped working unless using manual control. I'm running Repeter 0.92Mod on a Davinci 1.0


  • Strange. Manual print is not so much different to printing. And if default settings work the question must be what is the difference to your setting. But you should watch the log while printing to see if any error messages appear. Maybe decoupling triggers for some reason disabling extrusion while printing or something like that. If firmware decides not to extrude there is always a message about this.
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