New mains bed install - RADDS not turning on SSR

Hi everyone,

I have installed a mains bed to my delta. I have it all wired correctly (second install of a mains bed) however when i turn on the bed in Repeteir Server it doesn't turn on the SSR and therefore heat the bed. I have tested the SSR and its working fine (light comes on when powered by 12v with continuity across the ac terminals), and i have tested the bed heater which heats up just fine connected straight to mains voltage. 

Is there a setting i need to change to get it working? The output of the RADDS was working fine with the SSR controlled 12v bed previously.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 



  • I worked it out, the RADDS board needs 12v inputs at both sides two enable the 12v out to control the SSR. 
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