Errors when slicing not issue with model

I need to delete everything for a new install. I've tried uninstall reinstall, but it seems to be one of the leftover files somewhere, humming things up. Where are all the hidden files stored so I can delete everything and start over. I'm not worried about printer settings.


  • The error says composition0 is denied
  • composition0 is in host work directory.
    $HOME/AppData/local/RepetierHost or in host select open Workdirectory.
  • Deleting that did not help. In fact, the entire registry system has changed. The folder appdata is now in a new folder called windows.old.
  • It seems widows decided to break things on there way out, stupid windows 7
  • You mean in windows there is no AppData in home directory any more? Make sure to enable showing hidden files or you might not see the folder.
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