error message missing binary operator before token 80

what binary operator am I supposed to use before motherboard #80? Actually my motherboard is RAMBo V1.4 but that is not listed (301) and was not recognized when I entered the correct number and was forced to use motherboard Arduino Mega #80.  How can I fix this problem?


  • If you refer to board type in configuration.h it would be
    #define MOTHERBOARD 80
    Is rambo 1.4 different to the standard Rambo that is listed ?
  • No, all RAMBos are about the same but with newer equipment and features.
  • I will try using the RAMBo V1.4 (301) again and see if it will work this time.
  • The problem seems to be that since 'tools' does not list Arduino RAMBO V 1.4 the compiler keeps trying to use Arduino Mega 2560 (Board 80) instead of Board 301 even after I have put in 301. and it still gives an error message 'Missing binary operator before token '301' and exit status 1. I can not use my 3D printer until I get this problem solved and I do not know how to fix it myself.
  • In arduino IDE you select the mega2560 and in firmware of course the rambo board. Use a recent arduino ide 1.8.x to compile 1.0.4dev firmware. Copy the exact error message from beginning then I might see what you do wrong. Normally one of your defines is not containing the expected thing e.g. a number has some extra chars cauing a compile error in the end.
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