Decoupling nightmares (and a maybe fix)

I'm using v.92, and have been getting decoupling errors off and on for months now. There's nothing wrong with the hardware, the bed would heat up and it would start heating the extruder, but only get halfway to the target temp and I get the decoupling error and it shuts down. I narrowed it down to the bed being the issue, no heated bed, no decoupling errors. Thermistors are fine, heaters are fine, there's no reason for the errors.

What I just found is that if I slice the file with bed heating off, but turn it on MANUALLY, it works just fine.  Somehow running the bed heat and extruder heat with code randomly makes it decouple.

No idea why it works, but it does.


  • Firmware will report decoupling reason in log. There are 2 reasons one while trying to reach target temperature and one while trying to hold temperature. There was lately a bug fixed for slow bang bang which is often used for beds in case that was your bed controller.

    So to fix it I would first like to know which temperature controller and which decoupling tests you are using. Also the log message on decouplign would help here.
  • I am using bang bang for the bed, that could explain that. I'm thinking I may have a loose heater connection for the extruder, I still need to do more testing.

    Sounds like I should update the firmware in any case.
  • Thats always a good idea. Just updated to a new version.
  • Updated firmware and redid extruder heater wiring, decoupling problems are gone (for now).
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