Da Vinci pro

Installed the host but can't connect to the prnter. Should I be able to without doing or installing anything else. It tries searching the com port that the printer is attached to, Com3 is a USB port.


  • If windows knows the serial driver it should work depending on firmware the Da Vinci runs. I know some users changed firmware to repetier variant (not sure if also for pro) and I think one reason might be being able to communicate, but I don't know for sure. You might google if it original firmware is compatible with repetier-host.

    All you need is correct baud rate and select autodetect protocol or ascii.
  • Hi andicole0, Did you resolve this issue with your Da Vinci printer? I have just bought a second hand Da Vinci 2.0 fitted with Repetier Firmware and have resolved getting Repetier Host communicating with the printer and printing properly (I think) still early days but at least it's printing via Repetier Host. It wasn't that straight forward. 
  • does anyone have a config file for da vinci 2.0 duo

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