Repetier V1.04 dev to V2 Help needed


As the title said, I tried to update my firmware but unfortunately I don't understand anything to thin new system. Can someone do the conversion from my old 1.0.4 config.h into the new V2 format please ?


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    Here's the file :
    It's a coreXY double extrusion with 15w laser on it, wifi and watercooled
  • Use the sample implementation in dualx/stacker x2 to get started. That is a normal dual x implementation.

    What is with the laser? Do you have one extruder plus laser so 2 tools on one side? That wasn't tested or implemented at the moment. Structures to implement that are already basically there so should be solvable quite easy.
  • No ! This is a single head with two nozzles and a watercooled laser permanently attached and wired at the same time
  • So left side extruder and right side laser?
    The 2 extruders on one side would be a problem at the moment. Also with single nozzle not a big one I think. But would need to map tools to axis somehow. We can tweak the code and then you can test it if you go the way. Was planned anyhow just I don't have a testing printer with such problems. Maybe I can also test with a single extruder just faking two.
  • Ok, misunderstanding on my side. So just simple core xy config as start with 2 tools. One as laser tool and on extruder tool.

    describes quite detailed each config option and the config basics. I know it is a different approach and needs a different thinking but once you understand the concept it should be quite easy and offer a lot more possibilities then V1.
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    ETA for the V2?
    I've the impression that the development of the new version is rather slow.
    When will a configurator be available to start testing without having to manually edit the config?
    Marlin V2 has already been released, MK4duo has been running down on 32-bit boards for years, but Repetier has lagged far behind.
  • Actually we are making good progress. Just the fact the there is no online config tool does not mean it is not working. I plan rumba32 support soon and also improvements for delta. Hopefully in january. Also plan AVR support to implement as one of next steps and then see how new system works.

    Regarding speed, the others are not having as many other projects I guess that also take a lot of time. But we are working on it. And when more people would help with the project it would also speed up:-)
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    In the delta sample of Repetier 2 there's a lot of issue in the file Configuration_io, i can't compile this delta sample, please check:

    src/Configuration_io.h:166:101: error: macro "HEAT_MANAGER_PID" requires 16 arguments, but only 14 given

    src/Configuration_io.h:181:15: error: 'ToolExtruder1' was not declared in this scope

    And others...

  • Ok looks they are outdated a bit to new macros. Will update them when I test my delta again.
    You find the current variables required any time in the documentation which I keep up to date with each update.

    HEAT_MANAGER_PID(HeaterExtruder1, 'E', 0, TempExt1, PWMExtruder1, 310, 255, 1000, 20, 20000, 18.3, 2.13, 39, 40, 235, false)

    Is a sample how it would look now with extra 2 params.
  • Hello
    I would need a hand if possible.
    I purchased a 5.5W laser
    and I wanted to connect it to the ramps - repetier
    but I'm not a programmer and I don't know what to do.
    where I have to connect the 12V (PIN on the ramps) and the PWM signal on which pin.
    do i also need to program the firmware?
    What should I write...?
    Thank you

    I see that you speak of a firmware version V2 but in the downoload I can't find it ...
    you can have it.. ?
  • RAMPS layer for V2 is not finished yet, but then it would be the better choice supporting hardware PWM so you can control laser intensity. In V1 it is only on/off and movement speed. You find it on our github repository if you switch to the dev2 branch.
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