Sorry, many questions.

Extruder and z zero at top of the printer.
Do I understand well that end stop is z_min in that case?

1. Can use an end stop as well as the bltouch, both at z-min? Then use bltouch for auto bed leveling also?
Or is the better option to use the bltouch as z-min end stop. 
In the latter case how do I use the bltouch. When start the sensor pin of the bltouch is retracted after self test.
So cannot be used as z-min end stop. 

really confused hot to get it working



  • You can either have z max homing plus z probe OR z min homing using z probe. So what you try is the latter case and for firmware to detect this special case you must use the signal pin for homing z min and use same pin also in z probe definition.

    Haven't used bltouch my self so far, but it has some special problems:
    1. Signal stays only for a limited time I think
    2. You must untrigger it quickly by moving bed away or it will go in error state.
    3. You need a minimum distance to bed to deploy it.

    So use homing order with preheat, select a point to measure maybe in center. Select also to pre raise the bed before homing. That gives you the space to deploy the z probe in any case. For z probing/homing use z speed that is high enough to get free air before the probe releases again.

    There are quite some threads about bltouch here to give you more informations from users really using it.
  • Thank You. Your support is great.
    I just sent a donation! Keep up the good work
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