z- axis motor.. parameters

Hi huys
After succesful installation of the firmware in mu newly built 3D printer, I noticed a problem with z-axis: no matter what number for steps/mm I place in configuration.h,  the result is alwas the same, and wrong, while other two  (x, y) motors behave OK (from host I tell it to move 50mm, it moves 50mm..).
I wander if this was a recent bug in firmware, not reported yet?
Thanks in advance!


  • No bug. Z axis is tricky if it is rod based. Can not go so fast and stalls easily. Try max. feedrate 3 mm/s and acceleration 50mm/s^2. And checkif it is greased well. If it then works you can start finding the limit.

    If you have eeprom enable, change values in eeprom to have an effect.
  • Yep... before I read your reply, I actually tried with version 0.91 and it started to behave OK (missing steps). Slower speed and lower acceleration sorted the problem... so I am still wandering about the bugs :-)
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