Mini 12864 Panel (RGB) in Repetier

Hi guys, 

I've been trying to implement a Display to my 3D Printer. I wanna use this one:

I tried to use this config in config.h
#define SD_EXTENDED_DIR 1 /** Show extended directory including file length. Don't use this with Pronterface! */
#define SD_RUN_ON_STOP ""
#define ARC_SUPPORT 1
#define ADC_KEYPAD_PIN -1

The display light is on and it seems to work - if I turn the naviagation wheel and press it, the printer homes... But I do not see anything at the display. It's just bright. 

Anybody done this before? Some ideas? Don't wanna use Marlin - I've done some modifications in my firmware and don't want do do all this again in Marlin. 

Thanks in advance! 


  • Guess it is not FEATURE_TYPE 11 which is the reprapgraphic display. It will only work if you use same pins and same display driver. Since it does not display my guess is that it uses a different display chip requiring other settings. There are several types available in firmware also not all have pin definitions for all boards. But that would just setting right pins.
  • Thanks for answering. Could you tell me where to find the pin settings of the EXP1 and EXP2? Forgott to mention: I'm using a MKS Base 1.6 board. 
  • Pins are only a problem if there is no definition. Question is what display chip the display uses. The RRD display with type 11 uses ST7920 chips.

    Pin numbers can be found in pin description of your board. wiki also has them for many boards.
  • Hello again. I don't get this thing running. The Wiki said this screen driver is ST7567 and is compatible with the marlin Mini panel (UC1701,same as ST7567). If it's working with marlin, isn't it working with repetier? Its type V2.1

    Any ideas? I'm really stuck in here... 
  • ST7920 is not ST7567 so not expected to work that way. Looking into ui.cpp I see these available initalizations:
    #ifdef U8GLIB_MINI12864_2X_SW_SPI
    u8g_InitSPI(&u8g, &u8g_dev_uc1701_mini12864_2x_sw_spi, UI_DISPLAY_D4_PIN, UI_DISPLAY_ENABLE_PIN, UI_DISPLAY_RS_PIN, UI_DISPLAY_D5_PIN, UI_DISPLAY_RESET_PIN);
    #ifdef U8GLIB_MINI12864_2X_HW_SPI
    u8g_InitHWSPI(&u8g, &u8g_dev_uc1701_mini12864_2x_hw_spi, UI_DISPLAY_RS_PIN, UI_DISPLAY_D5_PIN, UI_DISPLAY_RESET_PIN);

    That also gets used with display driver CONTROLLER_FYSETC_MINI_12864_V21 in DisplayList.h but there is only a pin map definition for #if MOTHERBOARD == 190  // Fysetc F6 so if you have a different board you can use that display but need to modify the pins definition.

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