Extruder Issue

Hello , 

I'm new on 3D printer .  I tried to setup a 3D print with dual Z Axis on a MKS GEN 1.4 . 
Everything is ok , but my extruder is always heating. I dont understand  the controller dont respect the setpoint . 

PLease can you give me some ideias ?!.

Roberto FOnte


  • Wrong temp. sensor, some other function using the same pin and hardware defect are some common reasons for that problem. If you check temperatures in repetier-host/server you see also wanted output power in the temperature graph. If you see it there drop to 0 after reaching the temperature and it still heats it is hardware defect or other function that also sets same pin number. E.g. D9 can be used as fan or as heater for second extruder. Often users forget then to disable fan function.
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