What are the printer size limitations for Delta style printers

Hi, I am wondering what the firmware limitations are with respect to building large Delta style printers.

I am thinking about a printer approximately 2 meters tall.

Thank you.


  • There is no real limit, you should just be aware of precision. In V1 there are 2 modes - integer computation if I think the diagonal is less then 46000 steps. Then you have full precision. Above that the equations are not solvable in 32 bit integer math and we switch to floating point computations. Precision is 6.5 digits so you should achieve 0,01mm precision and I think a bit more. I think with 2 meter you are bigger then the limit so it will switch to floating point mode anyway. Makes sure to use a 32bit due compatible board we support. You want the extra speed and memory if using delta printers. Do NOT use a 128x64 if you can. They are slow in updating and fast scrolling through interface while printing can use 100% cpu easily and interfere with motions. I know it works if you are not doing anything fast while printing. Just wanted to mention the problem since deltas are it self cpu intensive to smooth the motion.

    In V2 firmware we only use floating point.
  • Thank you very much for the quick answer.
  • Is it possible to build such a huge printer?
  • 2m is not that big. Have seen bigger deltas. and if int overflow firmware will use floats instead so that is no real problem.
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