Problem with heater in 2 extrusors

Hi, I want to calibrate the temperature with M303 command (Method 1 and 3) to 180c, but the temperature raise beyond the 180c and reach 210c or more.
(Please see the last image, the output extruder, i notice the power grow up when it is close to the target temp)
Method =1, command

M303 P0 C4 R16 S180 X0 and M303 P0 C4 R8 S180 X0


And when i turn on the heater to 180c , PID MAX Value = 35

And i calibrate again:

M303 P0 C0 R8 S180


And again i turn on the heater to 180c

And i chage the method from 1 to 3

M303 P0 C0 R16 S180

Can anyone tell me what i doing wrong?



  • Your extruder is massively overpowered. With output 40 you heat up as fast as I do with 255. M303 does not calibrate max/min PID and assumes 0/255 I think. Do you have a 12V heater on 24V? Or just so much watt power. In last image which is the only one showing output you see as soon as it outputs close to full power it jumps quite quickly. But calibration was done with PID Max value 40 and then you allow 230. That is a completely different range causing all these overswings.
  • Hi, yes, its a 12v heater, there some thing or workaround to use this heater safety and correctly?, or the correct is change it to 24v heater?
  • i test this with 255 and 128 PID max power, i just upload only some image of the last test i made.
  • 12V on 24V has 4 times the power. So set PID drive max and PID max to 64, PID drive min to 0. Then it gets the correct power the heater was designed for.
  • Hi, i set the parameters as you tell me, and execute the M303 command with method 1, and alway the temp, at first, reach 10c over the target temp. 2 minutes later maintain the target temp with an error of +-0,7c aprox.
    Later i execute M303 command but with method 3, and when i turn on the hater, in this case the temp only 2c over te target temp, and 1 minute later maintain the target temp with an max error +-0,25c.

    In the first case, Method=1, when i change the target temp, always has a +-10c of error at first, later maintain the target temp. In the second case, method=3, reach to the target temp, and has an error of +- 0.25c, in this case, change the target temp, once the heater is on, don't produce the over temp effect like the method=1.

    So i use method=3

    I thinks this is OK, thanks you very much!!!
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