Disabling unused steppers

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Earlier this week I finally completed building IDEX printer with two X-steppers and while I am waiting for 2nd e3d hotend to arrive, I started to print with single print-head (X1); ditto mode is switched off in configuration file.
I mentioned that unused X2 stepper is getting warm during the prints, i.e. it is enabled and getting power. I was not able to find a GCODE that would disable particular stepper. As per https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code  M18 and M84 disable all steppers.
So, I'd like to ask if anyone looked at this issue and found a way to disable/power off unused steppers without unplugging them.



  • Just discovered command:
    G204 P<motorId> S<0/1>     - Enable/disable motor

    Can I use it with X2 motor that is connected to Extruder 4 driver? What will be the P number for it? 


  • G204 is not for regular steppers only for motors controlled with 20x.
    X2 motor gets enabled by home x and stays enabled to not loose position after that. Firmware can not know that you do not want to use that one. In v2 Firmware you could use M18 A0 to disable it until next use, but in V1 it is part of X axis so no separate way to address that motor.  
  • @Repetier
    I am planning to upgrade to v2 this weekend and start testing it, so M18 should resolves my issue.
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