Multiple UART

Hello !

I'm using USB => uart 0
ESP3D => uart 1

but i want to add panneldue so I must switch it to uart 1 as I searched.

So I want to activate Uart 0 for usb, Uart1 for paneldue uart2 for lcd screen (i'll desactivate it un the future) and uart3 (pins are free) for Esp3D

How to do it ?


  • You need latest firmware version and change the code. Currently we only support up to 2 parallel connections. As I see you want 4. Never tried that and can not say how good that works.

    Search all files for serial1Source and add accordingly source 2 and 3 as well. You need to use the arduino serial instances so also add

    That should do more or less the trick.
  • can you be more specific ? I don't know how to do this exactly
  • That is specific. serial1Source is used for second uart. Just duplicate that code for connection 3 and 4 exactly just changing the Serialx and variable names. Maybe increase some arrays where they get inserted. But I have no time to write and test that code my self. Maybe I make in a module in V2 then it would get easier.
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