Enabling Ultratronics Pro v1.0 Buzzer


I need some help making M300 : Play beep sound GCode work with Ultratronics Pro v1.0. 

I defined BEEPER_PIN 27 in pins.h under Ultratronics Board section. Before adding this line I was getting unknown command error. Now printer accepts the command, but there is no sound. 

The buzzer is located on the mainboard, not on LCD board. In fact, this is newly built printer and at the moment it does not even have display, so FEATURE_CONTROLLER in configuration.h file is set to NO_CONTROLLER. Can this be the issue? 

The printer runs on the latest 1.x Development version of firmware downloaded from here https://github.com/repetier/Repetier-Firmware/tree/development



  • No, beeper is independent from display. Display may override pin variable if it has a beeper defined as well.

    Does it make a sound with M42 P27 S255
    and disables with M42 P27 S0 ?
  • Yes, M42 P27 S255 makes sound even without power (only USB connected to RPI)! I could use M42 instead of M300; the downside is M42 does not allow to change tone frequency.

  • I rechecked the code and just having BEEPER_PIN > -1 should activate the function. It calls a ton function that activates a timer. Need to test that when I get more time. Maybe the timer function is not working as expected. Does not look like your error so far.
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