Printing problem

 hello i've been trying to print this object perfectly for a while and every time i try to 3d print this object these gaps appear on the top 


  • how can i fix this?
  • underxtrusion can have several causes , try to follow this guide:

  • well the solution didnt work but also the top layer is pretty rough
  • What did you change and do to fix it? This is definitively underextrusion so check extruder calibration and also slicer setting if the multiplier is low. Check flow multiplier to be 100 normally. For testing set it to 200 and see if it gets better. Looks a bit like you get only half of the needed extrusion. In any case you must find which setting is so wrong that it causes massive underextrusion. Also a too cold nozzle can be the problem. Then your filament just slips regardless how much you increase extrusion.
  • well uhm sorry for the very late reply but i found out the issue well heatbed just keeps vibrating and these gaps appear
  • Sorry, don't see your point.
    Apart from the fact that a bed should not vibrate off course, how does it cause under extrusion?
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