Does everything except work.

I have Repetier Host loaded into my Geetech Anet A8 modified.
I can load .stl files or G-code, slice and hit the print button, all happily enough, but the actual printing part isn't happening.
It even heats the bed and extruder up to temperature, all ready to go, but it simply won't start.
I can home all the axes, so the motors work.
Something obvious perhaps?

Help!   :)


  • Please open log and see what got send and what messages you see. One thing especially if it hangs at start are the heat and wait for temperature. Also you think temperature is reached the "wait for temperature" part may have rules to keep it for x seconds within y °C and until that is fulfilled it will not continue.

    If you enable commands view you also see if the host has send commands of the gcode.

    Especially if communication already works it is something that you can see in the log if you know what to watch for.
  • Thanks Reppy.
    I actually reflashed the firmware eventually, after staring at the log file for far too long.  :)
    It is working beautifully again now.
    The more I  understand this firmware, the more of a fan I become.
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