V2 firmware release date?

Hi when will there be a configuration tool for V2 firmware? I am really keen on teting new motion control..better linear advance and other stepper drivers. Other functions that will be added?


  • Currently we concentrate on adding functions/drivers to V2. The tool will come after that all works. So may still take a while especially as it will be much more complicated to write the tool with the flexible module system of V2. But manual configuration of course works already. We try to keep some sample configurations in the sources so it is not too hard to adjust it. Plus the V2 docs are very detailed and much better the V1. Every modules has a detailed description and shows also the current state.
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    If you are looking for beta testers for version 2 - count on me. I have 2 printers running your firmware. One is Core XY H-bot with Velleman motherboard (ex-K8400), another Cartesian IDEX of my own design running on Ultratronics Pro v1.0.  Both printers have dual extruders,  heated beds and ABL enabled with optical z-probe touch sensor (also my own design). Both printers are controlled via RPI/Octoprint.

    I am especially interested in IDEX mirror mode coming in version 2.

  • At least the Ultratronics Pro should already work. The velleman has 8 bit I think so will not work at the moment. Maybe there are some compilation issues with the ultratronics board, don't have it in a printer so not tested constantly, but that would be small issues easy to fix. IDEX is one of my test platforms for V2 and should already work well, also z probing with ditto printing (mirror mode) do not fit well - we can adjust Z only for one head - so a physical flat bed is required here. But it still can be used to calibrate bed. So feel free starting testing. Don't think there are many testers. I know I have some, but most are still on V1 because it has the config tool and V2 not.
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    Great!  Just few quick questions: 

    - Could you please confirm that the version 2 branch is called on github dev2 ?
    - Should I use Arduino IDE to compile version 2, or other compiler (VSCode, Atom, etc.)?
    - If the answers on previous 2 questions are 'yes' and 'yes', then I cannot find Repetier.ino file under dev2 branch. Should I copy it from version 1.x ?
    - I know M280 S<mode> command can enable/disable ditto printing mode, but which command should be used to switch between duplicate and mirrored printing modes?

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    yes it´s dev2 branch on GitHub

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    @RAyWB Thanks a lot! This link is exactly what I was looking for. 

    Also, after checking the source code, I found the answer to my last question. M280 has R argument (0/1) that switches mirrored mode off/on.

  • Just a quick question @repetier @RepetierSupport
    Was wondering if you had a recommendation for a trouble free board to test dev2 firmware branch? - (if that's possible for alpha-stage software) 
    I am looking to try and test but am unsure where to start on the hardware side of things.
  • The RADDS boards are well tested with it. Also the RUMBA32 works good but you need to know that current versions have a little error regarding jumper for motor driver. If you want tu use TMC2130 what they are made for, you need to bridge one contact since the pins are wired in wrong order for a jumper. A bit simple soldering but doable, see solution on board homepage.
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    Hi there, Thanks for the reply, happy to say I just placed my order at RepRap World for Due and RADDS 1.6.
  • Just  had a further query I'm hoping you can help with?
    Could you send or provide a link to a sample config using dev2 for any of your own dev2 test printers - as reference for learning.  I am having a little trouble.
    Thanks in Advance
  • There are already sample configs included in the git repository. See SampleSystems folder.
  • Hi there, is the v2 firmware stable enough for RADDS? I have this board with v1.x firmware and i'd like to try v2 with TMC2130 drivers and Bltouch sensor on a custom build delta printer. 

    I see the sample configuration under SampleSystems/Delta/Deltatower/Configuration.h and it seems like a good starting point but i can't figure out if the BLTouch sensor is supported.

    Thanks in Advance.
  • Yes, should work good with radds. See config delta for RUMBA32 there I have configured bltouch - it is an own class for optimal support. But online docs also describe the parameter for the bltouch z probe.
    Delta has also a auto calibrate function to optimize geometry settings.
  • Hi, thanks for the reply, I found the configuration for BLtouch in the documentation and also in the RUMBA32 configuration, the only thing I'm missing now is how to configure the thermocouple connected to the extruder. It is a thermocouple based on the AD8495 (Adafruit board). I can't find any macros for managing thermocouples. The two main macros require either a converter table or thermistor parameters.
    Is there no support for thermocouples yet?
  • Ok, I have added a new converter. Works like the one for NTC tables, see

    I have added the values for the AD8495 in the description. 

    Please let me know if it works correctly since I have no test hardware for that sensor, but it was quite simple addition so think the princile is defined correctly. Just values might be wrong.
  • Great, I'll try it asap ... I'll let you know the results.
  • Ok, new firmware loaded but I can't control the printer, with repetier server on raspberrypi the due board keep resetting, using repetier host I can connect but firmware is not recognised.

    I'm double-checking the configuration but it seems correct.

    Maybe it's a trivial mistake but I can't find it

  • Probably just wrong baud rate. With wrong baud rate it won't connect. And remember to activate Repetier-Firmware in server or automatic protocol detection in host.

    Also enable viewing ack so you see all firmware messages - if there are none baud rate does not fit normally.
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