Installing software without internet...


   I downloaded the software on my MAC, copied it to my Windows machine that has internet, but because it has  VPN that is filtered, it can't access the site to download the software.   This should be no problem with a normal installer.. However, it appears that your software goes off to the internet to download... AFTER you 'download' it...  WTF?

  So, obviously, it gives me an error saying it can't connect...  How do you install it without running the 'installer installer'?  and running the *real* installer directly?   (And why on Earth do people write software installers this way?  Oh, yeah, because everyone computer on the planet has Internet access to *their* site now.. Yeah, I forgot..   Sigh..)




  • What gets downloaded is Repetier-Server because you checked it. It is developed independently and that way you always get the latest version. Just uncheck that you want it (not needed and can also be installed later manually) and no further download is required.
  • I don't get it Software for Mac and Windows should have different packages. I don't think Mac software supports Windows and vice-versa. Unless the application provider has both Mac and Windows versions.

  • Sure, this is the group for Repetier-Host for windows and linux so I'm talking about that. Mac version has it's own group and of course a own installer.
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