My Glass Cutter


Regarding my HE3D K200 Delta

Probe with offset of 6.63

After getting the bed level manually, when using G32 S2 P0, after the probing is complete, 
the Z_Max_Length has been changed.  Always to a lower number.  For example, it should be 
303.350.  After the G32, it is changed to 303.318.

With the Z height lowered, upon printing, the nozzle becomes a glass cutter.  :(

I have added M500 after the bed-leveling procedure, but haven't found that to be helpful yet.

I have tinkered with the Z Probe offset, even though when I manually check it, I find that the
switch clicks at 6.43mm's above the bed.

Z0 is in fact as close to zero as possible.

I've tried G29.  That does nothing.  And I believe I have read that Repetier doesn't level using this code.

I've tried G32 S1 P0, and this code doesn't change the Z_Max, but I still have a glass cutter upon 

Any direction would be great


  • G2 S2 is to store leveling data including height. G29 is something different just meassuring an average height out of 3 points. M500 is not needed here.

    What firmware version are you using? There were many mods in leveling over time to solve different problems. So dev version is the one with least errors at the moment.

    Make sure to move maybe 20mm down after homing
    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_MOVE 20
    That prevents many problems with end stops getting triggered to early voiding results.

    Also how does z max length change after multiple G32 S2 - it should stay nearly same distance.
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