Repetier need a lot of improofments for example...

Hi programmers and nerds,

I´m not happy with Repetier-Host. This software isn´t finished jet.

Why are you displaying the X and Y coordinates while printing in the manual controll screen. I would like to see the printing time and how long it will take to finish the print. I don´t want to see the coordinates of the axises there.

Don´t change the template of the software. This is not important. Stick to one desing. Forever !

I have the problem that the Repetier software is unable to find the G-Code file after sliceing. I have to go to it´s folder to copy/paste the code into Repetier.
Why can´t you make a slicer that works within Repetier ??? It´s not handy to work with 2 softwares. You don´t have to wonder if there are bugs in it. You created spagetti software.
Take a look at simplyfy 3D and try to make it like that ! They have there own slicer that works within the software. I never had any issues with that software ! I just can´t use it on my Velleman Printer. Otherwise I wouldn´t use Repetier-Host at all because I´m not happy with it.

Cheers !


  • I can say, i'm very happy with the repetier products! I don't understand your problems...
    I have no problems with the slicer(s) in repetier host!
    Slice with repetier host, submit the file to the repetier server, print, finish!
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    Exactly, i´m a long term user of Repetier Host on WIN7 and WIN10 without problems caused by Repetier .
    My Problems were caused to 99% by the guy sitting in front of my computer.
    Anyway, Keep in mind RepetierHost , included Slicers and also Repetier Firmware are (still) for free.
    Simplify3d is not and also does not fit everybody´s needs.
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