Y axis steppers not working after turning on extruder motor.

Hi everyone,

I have strange problem with my big size self made 3D printer.
I am using repetier firmware (Arduino_due_repetier) and Slic3r.

The printer steppers and motors of all XYZ axis are working  without turning on the extruder which means printer is moving as per the Gcode except extruder motor. As soon as I connect the cable to extruder or turn on the extruder motor, Y steppers are not working.
I have no Idea why is it happening.

Once I switched off  all the connections and again turned on, Y axis does not move forward manually showing the wrong position value 0mm and only moves backwards. After selecting the homing option, it comes automatically to the right position (actual Null position)

Before analysing this problem, I checked multiple possibilities such as cleaning and oiling of steppers, software check, Gcode and slic3r settings.

Help me out please.


  • If you have no motor to extruder connected and you start extruding is y then working?

    I don't think it is slicer dependent. Such problems are normally hardware or firmware configuration related. If hardware works until you do xy that normally means xy uses pins of the previously working configuration. Either because the configuration set it to use same pin numbers or there is a hardware fault e.g. 2 lines are somewhere connected e.g. due to a bad soldering so if you enable xy line it also enables an other line or disabling it disables a stepper driver.

    If you have a free stepper socket you can switch extruder to that socket and see if it improves.
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