Cooling Fan Works on Startup

Hi today i updated my firmware to 0.92. I need your help about print cooling fan. It works on at startup. I can't find any section neither in repetier-config nor Eeprom settings. How can i make it off at startup. Excuse for if there any solution written before and thanks for help.


  • By default it is disabled on startup. Exception would be a board inverting output to be on with low signal which is quite dangerous. But only older Ramps FD boards have this as far as I know. Could it be that your host has this in connection script? Does it also go on when you are not connected to a pc? Also can you control fan with fan control in host? If not configuration is wrong.
  • Thanks for reply. I can control with host and there is no problem while printing with M107 ending script. It works automatically when machine boots up w/o pc connection and you are right my ramps board is older one. I used to use 0.91 and there was nothing like this.
  • rams is not ramps fd. Ramps does not have the problem. But on ramps second extruder and fan share same output so make sure to have only 1 extruder defined or it would explain that it changes output. You can simply add the set fan 0 gcode in the start gcode of firmware if everything is ok. But it is in any case odd and not normal in any version to do this for radds. Even if it would be a heater it would be off by default.
  • Why did you update to 0.92 and not to 1.0 btw?
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