Screen 5 pouces

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I am calling for your help because I can not operate the server with a 5-inch screen. I have no problem with my 3.5 inch screen but as soon as I plug the 5 inch raspberry the server does not run as usual. This is some pictures.
The last line is: Stated D-Bus System Message Bus 
and after nothing is displayed

Could you tell me what's wrong ?


  • Not really. Looks like it is still on text screen with disabled message visualization. Wondering that you see the messages at all as we have disabled it I thought.

    What you can do is login and then run
    to see all messages.

    Also Running 

    xinit -- -nocursor

    manually - which is the command we use to start x with chromium should give you more infos about what is going wrong. Guess it has to do with display driver and configuration. Each display has it's different drivers and required settings to get x system working.
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