problem with firmware movement

im using repetier for laser engraving
i tried to engrave picture and its working
but with a few problems
i checked gcode and its correct
i coded my software for create gcode. every pixel is 0.2×0.2mm laser hed moves in x axis and engrave one line then goes 0.2mm uper in y axis for next line

1.i have some empty line between y lines
every 8mm or 10mm
i checked gcode line by line and in simulator i think problem is repetier movment calculation after engraving picture size is correct
i have no lost step. i checked y axis motor and leadscrew

2.i have problem with hole repetir laser engraving system. because for change laser power i most use short lines that evry line have own laser power and for engrave 1000 pixel i most use 1000 G1 line with 0.2mm length
i used 1800mm/min feedrate for G1 lines but because lines are short(moves starts with jerk speed and acceleration to goes selested speed) it cant work in selected speed and work so slow

please help me


  • 1. Firmware also works correct here. Make sure distance is a multiple of step width or at some positions you get a extra step. Also microstepping is not 100% precise, so best is full step distance or half step.

    2. That requires new commands and encoding to speed it up. Better is to generate variable width lines that combine identical colors to a longer line.
  • tnx for answer.i was thinking about extra step. how check that
  • See in eeprom what steps per mm is then 1/value you have the step size. And as said microsteps are normally not distributed with equal angles. Better then not having them but there is always an error.
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